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We are Sydney's #1 Plungie Pool Distributor. An Award-Winning Concrete Pools.

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PLUNGIE is the world’s fastest, easiest and highest-quality pool manufacturer.     

Plunge Pool is inexpensive compared to a conventional swimming pool and a great attractive addition to your home.         

Highest-quality Pre-constructed Concrete Pools In Australia.  

Every Plungie is delivered pre-engineered, finished with a high-performance interior coating, and pre-plumbed with its primary filtration provisions, which reduces the on-site works for you and your installer.      

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Every plunge pool comes with the following as standard:

  • Highly engineered concrete pool shell

  • High-performance ecoFINISH interior coating

  • Primary pool fittings pre-plumbed to shell including:

    • Multi-coloured LED Light

    • Skimmer Box

    • 2 x filtration return lines (allowing for easy secondary plumb up by your chosen pool plumbing solution) 

  • Technical designs and pre-engineered specifications for ease of building approvals 

Optional equipment package including pump, chlorinator, and filter.

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Arena - 3.5m Round
Original - 4.6m x 2.5m
Max - 6m x 3m
Studio - 3.6m x 2.2m

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