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Need roof plan and engineering specifications?

We've got you covered...

Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary and enjoy the best of your outdoor lifestyle with Stratco’s Patio, Verandahs, or Carport. It extends your living space and gives you the best entertainment area while being protected from the elements.


Complete your outdoor living experience with landscaping or a plunge pool. It greatly expands your backyard capabilities while adding comfort and value to your property. There’s nothing like enjoying the great landscape design while sunning out on a patio and jumping into the pool to cool off! 

We'd love to talk to you about how we can create your outdoor dream space.

Interested In Finance Options?

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Outdoor Living Ideas 

Need some inspiration?  

Craft a perfect outdoor space with a huge range of Stratco's product.  

Browse the curent catalogue to see special offers and  inspirational images and stories in the latest Shed Story and Patio Living lookbooks. 


Click each photo to download it!

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