Improve your outdoor lifestyle by installing a Stratco patio in your home.


Give your home an open feel by incorporating an indoor-outdoor flow and creating a patio space that can be enjoyed all year round.


Underneath a Stratco patio, you are protected from weather conditions, entertainment area, use it for storage or simply enjoy your garden. 

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Give your home a new look and greater appeal with a deck.


A deck will heighten the comfort of your outdoor design, Express a design aesthetic with natural or composite materials, create a nicer outdoor living area that offers comfort, style, and your own private slice of nature. 


Shed's & Garage

Solve your storage restrictions with a high-quality outdoor shed from Stratco. More than just being practical, our range of sheds offer stylish, high-quality storage and protection solutions.


Organise your garden tools, free up some space, or even have a second garage… find a shed to meet your needs. 

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Trimming the Grass


Enhance the greenery of your home with a maintained landscape, nothing will beat a beautifully designed outdoor space.. center it around your shed, entertainment area, bbq, or simply design your dream garden. 


Give your home an effortless industrial look with cladding, the greatest advantage to external cladding is the minimum maintenance required, requiring nothing more than a regular wash to maintain its newness.

Aerial Plungie Original plunge pool in Kona Coast at Redland Bay copy.jpg

Plunge Pool

Give your backyard a space to decompress by adding a versatile plunge pool. It’s inexpensive compare to a conventional swimming pool and a great attractive addition to your home.